Souun Takeda

Souun Takeda Portrait Souun Takeda is one of the most famous calligraphers in the world. In Japan, where he was born in 1975 as the son of a master calligrapher, he enjoys cult status. Souun has created around 1,000 works of art over two decades and is the focus of over 130,000 followers on social …

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Don Worth

Don Worth Don Worth (courtesy of Photography West Gallery, CA) Hoffmania refulgens (1979) Succulent: Agave victoriae-reginae (1975/2005) Cactus: Notocactus magnificus (2002) Miconia magnifica (1977/2002) Aloe aristata (1969/2001) Tropical Leaves: Fittonia argyroneura (1958/2005) Cactus: Trichocereus schickendantzii (1976/2000) Cactus: Trichocereus schickendantzii (1977/2001) Succulent: Sempervivum soboliferum (1974/2001) Succulent: Sedum hintonii (1975/2005) Succulent: Agave parri var. huachucensis (1969/2000) Bromeliad: …

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Bernd Schwarzer

Bernd Schwarzer Short Profile Bernd Schwarzer was born in Weimar in former East Germany in 1954. He is one of the most important German contemporary artists, both in terms of his drawings and abstract paintings. Inspired by his great paragon, Vincent van Gogh, but also by his teacher Joseph Beuys and other Dusseldorf art-academy representatives, …

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Natalia Sacenco

Natalia Sacenco Short Profile Natalia Sacenco was born in Moldova in 1971. She studied Performing Arts from 1990 to 1996 in Bucharest, Romania, and in Chisinau, Moldova. Then, over two decades, she developed her own style, which led her from figurative to more and more abstract painting. Her multi-layered, color-intensive, often highly structured oil paintings …

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Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg

Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg Short Profile Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg, born in 1955 in Gründberg near Linz, Austria, studied Applied Arts at the «Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst» in Vienna. From an early age, he developed his own style of painting, which led him from the concrete to the poetic abstraction using precious metals, especially gold and silver leaf. The …

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Joanna Grzybek

Joanna Grzybek Short Profile Joanna Grzybek, born in Poland in 1976, studied painting, design, and fine arts in Silesia at the University of Zielona Góra. She holds a Master’s Degree in Art Education and is the winner of the WBB AWARD 2017. In addition to her paintings, Joanna is best known for her subtle, poetic …

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Marc Brousse

Marc Brousse Short Profile Visionary Architectural Art. – Marc Brousse has developed a new artistic language called “Traitillism”, by refining a technique originally discovered by Paul Clodel Cauchard. His drawings are made with ink, charcoal and graphite. Each work is freely drawn by hand, with the naked eye, and without any computational support. Marc is …

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Isabella Sedeka

Isabella Sedeka Short Profile Isabella Sedeka, born in Opole (Poland) in 1979, enjoyed several years of artistic training in Milan and Venice as well as in Hamburg and Berlin. At the structural level, the captivating appeal of her abstract works lies in the use of precious materials, above all real gold and silver, in combination …

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Peter Georg Müller

Peter Georg Müller Short Profile Focus on the Essential. – Peter Georg Müller, born in Zurich in 1954, has been working autodidactically for almost three decades with natural stone from all over the world. As a trained construction engineer, he has a fine feeling for materials and their spatial staging. He has always been interested …

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