Elysium 2.0

Revati Jane Wawra ELYSIUM 2.0 HEBORID Interzone: An Inner Planetarium for Deceleration 20 Oktober – 31 Dezember 2018  l  WBB GALLERY In an unusual pilot project, a haven of peace is being created in the Zurich Oberdorf in the midst of our fast-paced everyday life. Revati Jane Wawra is an atmospheric artist with Algerian-German roots, …

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Natura Poetica

Peter Wallimann NATURA POETICA A Photographic Journey Into Hidden Spheres 30 Mai – 29 September 2018  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation  l  Press & TV The touring exhibition Natura Poetica shows extraordinary visual compositions by Peter Wallimann. The Swiss photo artist combines photographs of butterflies, plants, and other small creatures with cosmic images, such as …

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WBB Award

WBB AWARD 2017 Group Exhibition of the Winners 15 February – 12 May 2018  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation https://youtu.be/JdxkG0ITBPo In 2017, WBB GALLERY organized an online art competition with donated prize money totaling CHF 10,000. Artists were invited to submit works on the themes of LIGHT, RHYTHM, or HUMAN, taking into account the gallery …

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Ian Barton Stewart COLOR TONES – TONE COLORS Emotional Landscapes in Oil 18 January – 3 February 2018  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation The exhibition «Color Tones – Tone Colors» shows abstract oil paintings by the Melbourne-based Australian artist and musician Ian Barton Stewart. His large-format paintings, which can always be discovered in a new …

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Looking for the Light

Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff LOOKING FOR THE LIGHT 5 November 2017 – 13 January 2018  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation The exhibition «Looking for the Light» by the artist Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff, who works in New York and Connecticut (USA), shows a cross-section of works from 50 years of creative work (1967 – 2017). On display are numerous …

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Spuren des Schönen

Ildiko Angyan TRACES OF BEAUTY Four Decades of Landscape Painting 28 September – 15 October 2017  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation The autumn exhibition «Traces of Beauty» presents oil paintings by the Hungarian-born artist Ildiko Angyan, who lives in Zurich. WBB GALLERY shows a cross-section of the extensive work of a painter who, unperturbed by …

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Laura Chaplin HOMAGE TO CHARLIE 8 June – 8 July 2017  l  WBB GALLERY Laura Chaplin, a granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin (1889 – 1977), made it her call to touch people and make them laugh – similar to her famous grandfather. Her first exhibition in Zurich shows a cross-section of her painting oeuvre. Her paintings …

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Klaus von Kreutziger TRANSFORMATION Spirit Cast into Shape 10 – 27 May 2017  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation Klaus von Kreutziger‘s highly aesthetic bronze and wood sculptures are made for eternity. The artist often works meticulously for months until his ideas and visions are born as perfectly shaped models and bodies. Thereby, the trained engineer …

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Eveline Hasler A Breeze from the South Days Getting Bluer 27 April – 7 May 2017  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation Eveline Hasler has been one of the most successful female writers in Switzerland for decades. What is less well known is that the author has a talent for painting as well as a feeling …

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Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg Transfiguration 1 March – 15 April 2017  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg belongs to the mystics among painters. His often large-format works, objects, and installations lead the viewer into a world behind the visible, full of beauty and meditative silence. Gründberg considers art to be meaningful, a path that leads out …

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