Natalia Sacenco & Peter Georg Müller

19 May – 18 June 2016  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation

The exhibition ELEMENTAL reflects on the nature of the original. The elemental reveals itself as a fundamental principle. It becomes evident in particular laws and principles, as are to be found in archetypal forms, recurring patterns, or natural rhythms.

Flowing Colors.Natalia Sacenco’s abstract oil paintings pursue the mystery of the elemental and the creative. The Moldavian artist masterfully combines colors into kaleidoscopic paintings, on the one hand powerful and dynamic, on the other gentle and touching. Some motifs are reminiscent of imaginary landscapes, others of meditative realms of the soul. Common to them all is an unmistakable vitality and joy, manifesting in glowing colors and in astonishing patterns.

Fascinating Shapes. – Much more severe, but no less astonishing, are the sculptures by Swiss artist Peter Georg Müller. Reduced to the essential, these massive objects, crafted out of natural stone, captivate through perfectly finished surfaces and a quasi-platonic geometry. They truly call out not only to be looked at, but also to be touched. In the process they sometimes reveal an unexpected fragility in the form of fractures and faults.



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