June 2023  l  Special Exhibition at PHOTO BASEL

In cooperation with a circle of experts, WBB GALLERY presents the special exhibition «Pure Photography» during the 8th edition of the PHOTO BASEL art fair, taking place parallel to ART BASEL. Meet us at Booths A3 and A9 in the Volkshaus Basel from June 13 to 18.

March 2023  l  Opening of Museum Exhibition

In March 2023, WBB GALLERY opened the museum exhibition titled «Pure Photography», presenting 54 vintage and contemporary black-and-white prints by American 20th Century masters of floral photography. An introduction was given by Alessa Widmer, curator of the PHOTO BASEL art fair.

September 2022  l  Benefit Exhibition for the Ukraine

The partial exhibition «Darnkness Breeds Beauty» with original ink drawings by the Kyiv-based artist Rostislav Tsarenko is organized to support people in difficult humanitarian situations in the Ukraine. Learn more

Spring 2022  l  Gold or Money?

The Austrian artist Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg enchants people with his real -gold and lapis-lazuli-based oil paintings. His large-scale works shine in the WBB Gallery, inviting to think about the deeper value of beauty and inspiration rather than looking at gold in purely monetary terms.

October 2021  l  Japanese Star Visits Gallery

With Souun Takeda, one of the world’s most famous calligraphers came to Zurich in fall 2021. The exhibition SOUUN in the WBB GALLERY in Zurich was a great success and was announced by both the Swiss and the Japanese embassies in Berne and Tokyo, respectively.

June 2021  l  Art Against Corona Depression

With the colorful, concentric and handmade circles or modern yantras created by Swiss artist Urs Heinrich, WBB GALLERY brought new momentum and a lot of positive energy to a society heavily affected by Corona pandemia. The hypnotic images of the artist from Lucerne found enthusiastic followers, true to a creative mind’s motto: «Art makes you happy!»

May 2021  l  Portrait in BEEN Magazine

In issue no. 4 of the international culture and art magazine BEEN a portrait (PDF) of the WBB GALLERY is published, with a focus on challenges during the corona pandemic. Many thanks to the editor, Andy Davies, for the lovely article. Link to the magazine:

The motif of the card “Urkraft” with matching motto (in German) on the back. Original graphics by Peter Wallimann, 1999, ink on cardboard.

May 2021  l  WBB launches GEOMETRICUM

Together with the artist, Peter Wallimann, WBB GALLERY prints a set of high-quality art cards under the heading GEOMETRICUM based on original hand-painted ink graphics. The 12 cards are available in the gallery or in the artist’s webshop (CH only). – Time for Sacred Geometry!

17.10.2020  l  Planting 12,000 Trees through Art

Thanks to the charity exhibition «Nature & Art» in the WBB GALLERY, staging works by Ruth Moro, some 12,000 trees will be sustainably planted in Nigeria. A total of 70% of the proceeds from the sale of pictures went to the NGO Association Bernadette Strebel World Peace (ABSWP).

Many thanks to the artist, the WBB and ABSWP teams, and to our customers who made this possible!

10.09.2020  l  World-Class Musician as Guest

Press conference with and improvisation by Alexander Boldachev at WBB GALLERY (moderation: Maria-Anna Lämmli, Lämmli Media)

On «World Day for Suicide Prevention», famous harp player Alexander Boldachev spoke at a press conference about his project «ab aeterno». During pandemia 2020, the artist brought his music to people on foot – a plea for the importance of art.

08.12.2019  l  Surprise littéraire

At Christmas, Peter Wallimann reads the parable «Herzblind» (Heartblind) from his new book «König & Bruder Narr» (King & Brother Fool) with coffee & pastries by candlelight. The work will be published in 2020 by Smart & Nett Verlag, Munich.

Two lovable outsiders trace the meaning and nonsense of life. In humorous to profound episodes, surprising insights emerge that inspire rethinking and stand for more humanity.

24.11.2019  l  Dialog: Heart or Money?

On the Future of Economy
In conversation with the ethicist & economist Melanie Gajowski
Moderation: Peter Wallimann

Melanie Gajowski studied economics and ethics. As an experienced banker, organizational consultant, and former employee of the WWF, she is interested in new forms of sustainable money and market economy and is committed to social and ecological projects.

12.01.2019  l  GLORYS 2018

WBB GALLERY attends the TV award «GLORYS»
In January 2019, WBB GALLERY was invited to attend the GLORYS 2018, a television award sponsored by the TV show «Glanz & Gloria»: Rendezvous of the Swiss prominence, with VIPs such as the host Kurt Aeschbacher, the musician Baschi, or the former Miss Switzerland, Christa Rigozzi, among others.

19.12.2018  l  Charity Auction

Online auction of the work «Cebrasus»
The work «Cebrasus» by Peter Wallimann, provided by WBB GALLERY, was auctioned off for Swiss Solidarity by Swiss Television SRF. The photograph fetched a price of over CHF 3,000 at an online auction on 100% of the proceeds will go to the «Jeder Rappen zählt» (every Cent counts) campaign and will benefit needy children. Art for a good cause…

19.12.2018  l  Donation

Presentation of a donation check to Caspar Bijleveld
WBB GALLERY donates part of the proceeds from the Natura Poetica exhibition to the «Papiliorama Foundation», which is committed to the preservation of the biosphere, including habitats vital for butterflies and other insects.

22.09.2018  l  High-ranking Visitor

Dr. Alex Rübel, Director of Zurich Zoo 1990 – 2020, and one of the most famous celebrities far beyond the city, has visited the exhibition Natura Poetica at WBB GALLERY in September 2018. Dr. Rübel was particularly impressed by the work «Libellux», a vividly photographed magnificent dragonfly on a reed stalk against a cosmic background.

13.09.2018  l  Cooperation with Papiliorama

Caspar Bijleveld at WBB GALLERY
The director of the Papiliorama Kerzers, the only butterfly house in Switzerland, visited the exhibition Natura Poetica at WBB GALLERY and announced a cooperation in the sense of a touring exhibition in the Papiliorama. The biologist was impressed by the high-resolution butterfly photographs of the exhibition.

12.09.2018  l  Documentary by SRF

In September 2018, a documentary about the photographic art project Natura Poetica was filmed in the gallery and broadcast on November 29th in the TV program «Glanz & Gloria»: see Videos.

Natura Poetica is a photographic art project by Peter Wallimann to make people aware of the beauty and fragility of nature.

19.06.2018  l  The Value of Love to Nature

In Dialog with Dr. Hans Schmid from Zurich Zoo  l  Helferei Grossmünster
Talk in front of invited guests between Hans Schmid (zoologist at Zurich Zoo; right) and Peter Wallimann (artist) about special encounters with animals, nature conservation, and philosophical questions in connection with the exhibition Natura Poetica at WBB GALLERY. Introduction by Paul Padrutt (left).

30.05.2018  l  VIP Visit

The former national football coach Ottmar Hitzfeld visited the opening of the exhibition Natura Poetica at WBB GALLERY. He was particularly impressed by the work titled «Pterophant» (see photo), a hybrid of African elephant and butterfly. The syllable «ptero» is Greek and means «wings».

13.01.2018  l  Reading: «The Greek House»

The painter Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff reads from his autobiographical work “The Greek House” in the Zentrum Karl der Grosse. Afterwards: Finissage of the exhibition Looking for the Light at WBB GALLERY.

In his book, the author describes how he found himself on the remote Greek island of Sifnos through painting and by talking to simple people.

05.11.2017  l  Film Screening

«Like Notes of Music»  l  Cinema Arthouse MOVIE  l  Zurich
The director Mike Magee shows the documentary «Like Notes of Music» about the painter Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff in the cinema Arthouse MOVIE. Afterwards vernissage of the exhibition «Looking for the Light» at WBB GALLERY.

«Like Notes of Music» is a multiple award-winning documentary film with a moving message of tolerance.

18.04.2017  l  WBB AWARD 2017

In April, three winners were nominated from numerous entries for the WBB AWARD 2017. The first prize went to the German-Polish artist Joanna Grzybek, the second prize to the German photographer & artist Peter Raba, the third prize to the Swiss photo-artist Michael von Eyenbach.

18.03.2017  l  Artist Talk

The Austrian artist Rudolf Leitner-Gründberg talks to Dr. Olivia Bosshart about «The unity of time and the possibility of common grounds». The artist unmasks time as an illusion and takes a critical look at contemporary art in its one-sided intellectual and commercial manifestation. As an alternative, Gründberg focuses on the visionary and radiant in man.

14.06.2016  l  SCOPE Basel 2016

WBB represents Isabella Sedeka at SCOPE
WBB GALLERY represented the German-based Polish artist Isabella Sedeka at the SCOPE 2016 in Basel. Her abstract, monochromatic paintings, which are created by special oxidation of pigments, sold like hotcakes from 14 – 19 June. In the picture: Isabella adjusting.

08.03.2016  l  Dr. Tayfun Belgin

The well-known curator and director of the Osthaus Museum in Hagen, Dr. Tayfun Belgin (left), gives a speech at the vernissage of Bernd Schwarzer (center) in the presence of the German Consul of Switzerland in Berne, Dr. Otto Lampe (right). Preface by Dr. Belgin in the exhibition catalogue of the gallery.

03.02.2016  l  School Class visits WBB GALLERY

Schoolchildren of the 2nd class of the obligatory second school of the Baumackerschule Zürich-Oerlikon visit the exhibition Vitrum varium with glass objects by Thomas Blank, as part of an excursion. A mirrored glass installation inspires the young people in particular.

15.07.2015   l Foundation of the Gallery

In July 2015, Peter Wallimann and Enrico Bauer take over the former «Galerie Trittligasse» from Werner Frei, who is retiring after 40 years as a gallery owner. The gallery is modernized and re-opens in fall 2015 with a new Art concept under the name WBB GALLERY. The gallery logo stands for «Wallimann–Bauer». Since 2019, Peter Wallimann has been running the gallery with a small Team on his own.


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