Iconic Nature Photographs

A Collection of American Vintage Prints

Museum Exhibition l 15th September 2024 to 29th March 2025 l WBB GALLERY l Invitation l Press

Edward Steichen (1879 – 1973) • Imogen Cunningham (1883 – 1976) • Edward Weston (1886 – 1958) • PaulStrand (1890 – 1976) • Alma Lavenson (1897 – 1987) • Ansel Adams (1902 – 1984) • Wynn Bullock (1902 – 1975) • Ruth Bernhard (1905 – 2006) • Willard Van Dyke (1906 – 1986) • Minor White (1908 – 1976) • Brett Weston (1911 – 1993) • Harry Callahan (1912 – 1999) • Morley Baer (1916 – 1995) • Henry Gilpin (1922 – 2011) • Dody Weston Thompson (1923 – 2012) • Don Worth (1924 – 2009) • Cy DeCosse (*1929) • Paul Caponigro (*1932) • Robert Adams (*1937) • George Tice (*1938) • John Wimberley (*1945) • Robert Mapplethorpe (1946 – 1989) • Robert Werling (*1946) • Huntington Witherill (*1949) • Jeff Nixon (1952 – 2022) • John Sexton (*1953) • Roman Loranc (*1956) • Birgit Maddox (*1963) • Jeffrey Conley (*1969) • and others

Some photographs do not let you go. They get stuck in the brain, like a piece of music, without us knowing why. Is it a question of composition and, thus, aesthetics? Are we captivated by a scene or what we associate with it? Or is there, perhaps, even a deeper truth revealed, something behind the world of appearances?

The cover of the exhibition «Iconic Nature Photographs» shows a barefoot toddler in the middle of a magical, light flooded forest. This 1958 photograph titled «Child on Forest Road» by Wynn Bullock is captivating not only aesthetically, but also emotionally. The child’s pure fascination with Nature is immediate and exhilarating. At the same time, the boy‘s tiny body beneath all these huge trees appears incredibly vulnerable. The observer feels transported back to his or her own childhood, when the world was a fascinating place, but also full of threats. Seen in this way, the photograph becomes a metaphor for the ambivalent attitude of Man towards Nature.

The exhibition «Iconic Nature Photographs» shows part of a Swiss private collection hosted by WBB GALLERY. Selected 20th Century masterpieces are staged with a tribute to American West Coast or Straight Photography. Vintage prints such as Paul Strand’s «Toadstool and Grasses» from the 1920s mark the historically significant transition from romantic Pictorialism to modern Fine Art Photography.

The show features selected Silver Gelatin and Platinum prints by numerous pioneers and their followers. Apart from Wynn Bullock and Paul Strand, photographers such as Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhard, Minor White, Dody Weston Thompson, Brett Weston, Henry Gilpin, Don Worth, and other acclaimed American photographers are included. In addition to iconic photographs, lesser-known and rare works are on display as well, such as Edward Steichen’s «Delphinium» (larkspur) from the 1920s. This photograph, of which no other print is known, will be presented to the public for the first time in Zurich before being on loan to the George Eastman Museum in New York and other American museums from 2026 to 2028.

The exhibition focus is on the Western flora and landscape, especially from California. The collection the show is based on currently contains 125 photographs by 35 American photographers from three generations, covering 100 years of photographic history – an aesthetic treat for all photography lovers: from amateurs to professionals and curators.

A detailed catalog for collectors, curators, and museums is available upon request. The private collection is for sale as a whole.

We look forward to your visit.

Cover image on top:
Original 1958 Silver Gelatin print by Wynn Bullock titled «Boy on Forest Road»
© 1958/2024 Bullock Family Photography LLC. All rights reserved.


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A detailed catalog for collectors, curators, and museums is available upon request. The catalog contains some 300 images, different essays, and detailed information about the 35 photographers and their 125 works that are part of the collection. Please send inquiries, including full contact details, to info [at] wbb.gallery.


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