Joanna Grzybek

Short Profile

Joanna Grzybek, born in Poland in 1976, studied painting, design, and fine arts in Silesia at the University of Zielona Góra. She holds a Master’s Degree in Art Education and is the winner of the WBB AWARD 2017. In addition to her paintings, Joanna is best known for her subtle, poetic installations of bodies and objects made of gauze, with a special focus on interpersonal contacts and relations. The artist lives, works, and teaches in Leipzig, Germany. About her motivation, she says: «My art should make people pause and think.»


»In her sculptural woven works, Joanna Grzybek deals with the ambivalence of individual [...] traces and their reproducibility up to mass repetition. Individuality as an ideal of Western culture multiplies into a uniform stream of human bodies. The trace in the fabric resembles the trace in the World Wide Web, both media mark the border between inside and outside, public and intimacy, and at the same time dissolve it.«


Exhibition video of the WBB AWARD winners of 2017, including Joanna Grzybek, Peter Raba, and Michael von Eyenbach.

    Biographical Sketch

    • 1976: Born in Poland
    • 1996: Art School in Jelenina Góra, Poland
    • 2001: Five-year study of Visual Arts at University of Zielona Góra, Faculty for Visual Arts
    • 2001: Master in Pedagogy, University of Zielona Góra
    • 2006: First exhibition in Germany
    • 2017: Winner of the WBB AWARD 2017 in the category HUMAN


    • 2018: WBB AWRD, WBB GALLERY, Zurich, Switzerland
    • 2017: “Der Bogen”, Intershop Interdisciplinaire, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2016: “Gott spielen”, Intershop Interdisciplinaire, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2015: “gehÖren”, 21. Kunstfestival ORNÖ, Dresden, Germany
    • 2014: Solo exhibition, Dentalzentrum Pankow, Berlin, Germany
    • 2013: “Der Weg ist das Ziel”, performance, Leipziger Passagenfest, Germany
    • 2012: Solo exhibition, “Dimensionen”, Kaffee Schwarz, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2012: Presentation, “Euro Messe Team Schwalme”, Berlin, Germany
    • 2011 “UNSERART”, Rauminstallation, 1. Connewitzer Kunstfestival, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2011: “Kontakte und Relationen”, Einzelausstellung, ACQUA Klinik, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2010: “Komm erwärme Dich”, Einzelausstellung, Wärmehalle Süd, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2010: Dresdner Biennale, 19. Kunstfestival ORNÖ, “Höchzeit”, Dresden, Germany
    • 2010: “Echte Kopie”, 24 Stunden-Ausstellung, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2010: Kunstfestival ORNOE, Dresden, Germany
    • 2009: Galerie Born+Busse, Leipzig, Germany
    • 2009: Festival L*abore, Germany
    • 2008: Gruppenausstellung, Fellbach, Germany
    • 2006: Gruppenausstellung, Schloss Dätzingen, Grafenau, Germany

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