Marco Reeuwijk

Short Profile

Marco Reeuwijk sees the world through eyes of beauty: The beauty in the obviously beautiful, and the beauty of hardship. He captures the «intimacy of moments», thereby revealing the soul of what is, slices of reality. He playfully loves to take pictures of unscripted moments in ordinary and extraordinary lives. His work revolves around embracing both the beauty and the sadness of life, thus uncovering the layers of being. Marco sees himself as a world explorer and Taoist observer, witnessing the limitless expressions of life, and bringing slices of truth back into the wholeness of loving presence.

As a social photographer, Marco has specialized in documenting life celebrations, medicine retreats, and festivals to capture the unique atmospheres of people coming together and celebrating life with all its depths and heights. Thanks to his social skills, he can pierce through cultivated personas and capture true connections between people. One of his current fascinations is with death and endings in all forms. Grief, although seemingly ‘negative’ is an underestimated force for good, worthy of being seen, shown, and felt. From a philosophical point of view, Marco aims to live life according to the Tao. To focus on the simple, holding space for the mysterious expressions of life and bringing forth the treasures within every given moment.

Favorite Quote

»Look, and it can't be seen. Listen, and it can't be heard. Reach, and it can't be grasped. Above, it isn't bright. Below, it isn't dark. Seamless, unnamable, it returns to the realm of nothing. Form that includes all forms, image without an image, subtle, beyond all conception. Approach it and there is no beginning; follow it and there is no end. You can't know it, but you can be it, at ease in your own life. Just realize where you come from: this is the essence of wisdom.«

Biographical sketch

  • 1973: Born in The Netherlands, lives in Utrecht
  • 1993: Start of a career as a salesman
  • 2008: First autodidactic photographic experimentation
  • 2010: Full-time social & wedding photographer travelling the world


  • 2020: Moments of Intimacy: Sensual Nude, Portrait & Street Photographs, group exhibition, WBB GALLERY, Zurich

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