Eveline Hasler

A Breeze from the South

Days Getting Bluer

27 April – 7 May 2017  l  WBB GALLERY  l  Invitation

Eveline Hasler has been one of the most successful female writers in Switzerland for decades. What is less well known is that the author has a talent for painting as well as a feeling for language and a passion for colors that have lasted for many years. With the exhibition «A Breeze from the South», we invite you to get to know another facet of Eveline – in words and pictures. WBB GALLERY shows colorful, poetic watercolors and language associations of the artist who lives in Ticino. The color blue, typical for the south, appears again and again. The artist will be present at the vernissage and finissage. The musician and composer John Wolf Brennan will provide musical accompaniment to the opening of the exhibition.

»Her pictures often deal with cities, magic places, and the promise that the person there could become someone else.«



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