WBB Collection

Works of Art from the WBB Collection

26 November – 31 December 2016  l  WBB GALLERY

At the end of the year, WBB GALLERY stages selected objects, paintings, and photographs by 12 different artists from the gallery collection, with artworks by:

  • Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff (USA):
    ink drawings, pastels, and oils
  • Jorge Mayet (Cuba):
    installation / object
  • Peter Georg Müller (CH):
    sculptures made of stone
  • Markus Heydecker (CH):
    stone and wooden sculptures
  • Rolf Tschudi (CH):
    metal sculptures
  • Brett & Edward Weston (USA):
    vintage photographs
  • Douglas Ryuijie (Japan):
    vintage photographs
  • John Sexton (USA):
    vintage photographs
  • Henry E. Gilpin (USA):
    vintage photographs
  • Thomas Blank (CH):
    glass objects
  • Peter Wallimann (CH):
    ink graphics



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